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Marketing & Research

Zenith Events' local and international marketing and research strategies have been benchmarked for different market segments.

Zenith Events’ Marketing division is equipped with a team of industry-experienced marketers who are responsible for creating Event/Organizational Marketing Plans and linking it to the company's overall Marketing Strategy. Marketing Division plays a vital role in converting each project into a success by the core value-added services of creating networking opportunities, client satisfaction and sales & business growth.

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Pre & Post Sales Follow Ups
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Creatives and Artwork
  • Direct Marketing
  • Interviews & Feedback Reports
  • Tele-marketing
  • Web Marketing
  • Marketing Seminars

Zenith Events’ Research division performs extensive research of local and international market segments to create company or product-specific related research reports for our clients. Our reports, both summary and detailed ones, assist our clients to:

  • Develop Sales/Marketing Strategies through Research
  • Gather Maximum Information of the Targeted Market / Audience
  • Research Latest Developments taking place in the Industry
  • Source Potential Buyers through our Leads
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